Whether it is Soul, or byte, more flashes, the next half of the Internet, why there will be so many manufacturers, join social products for a long time, why have social products have been enthusiastic? This article attempts to talk from the evolution of the product from a social angle.

First, essence
People are a group of animals, social is human instinct, this behavior is like a new born duckling will follow the duck mother.

Social promotion human beings have evolved into groups and human group cooperation to make productivity vigorously develop, and one person is chasing only quarry, and a group of people cooperate to capture a quarry, and they live to settle life, born farming civilization, and then come to Later industrial civilization, information civilization.

The change in production relationship promotes the rapid development of productivity, and the maintenance of production relationships, and the development of development is the social behavior.

As an individual, how do you understand social behavior?

Social communication itself has three elements, information, relational chains, interaction. Summary into a sentence: information flows in the relational chain. Before the birth of the Internet, the individual's interaction, the carrying of information, and the precipitation of the relationship chain often reflects through our familiar organizational form.

When we are still a child, we cry, laugh, interact with the language, behavior and family, from our born, we have a relationship with this organization, this is the family relationship. Of course, there is a student relationship, colleagues, friend relationship, and political parties. Different organizational evolution, growth, eventually formed social relationships.

The establishment, maintenance of the relationship, depending on the original interaction method in that era. For example, I know new friends depend on friends, or the traditional letters dependent on the party, the maintenance of the relationship, and the communication between the face.

The birth of the Internet, the development of science and technology has greatly promoted the rapid establishment of relations and the diversification of the organization.

For example, early social products - QQ's birth product - QQ has made interactive forms, information can be exchanged, flowing, flows freely, and QQ friends become synonymous with network relationships in our memory.

The development of the Internet makes individuals more easily connected. After the individual is connected, the maintenance of the relationship has produced more valuable substances in addition to interaction.

The flow of information, precipitation, birth of new product forms - community, such as early days, cats, QQ space and other products. Social side is focusing on interaction, while the community is more focused on information.

At that time, a typical scene was more than QQ and a friend. After chatting, I wandered to QQ space, or I was bored, strolled around the world, post it, see if there is any fun.

The purpose of social integration is to recommend and maintain relationships, the purpose of community is to consume content, establish weak relationships, and finally import strong relationship. The early development of the Internet has born social and community primary product forms.

Social products present a powerful centralization effect, such as the early stage of QQ birth, almost no competitors, and the community product presents a state of flowering.

Of course, this and human nature are unfunction, people always use the most effective way to maintain relationships, such as communication, letters, telephone, etc., and once a effective way, it will gradually form it, until Become a habit.

The QQ friend relationship is a new relationship collection, but QQ is not difficult, and the way of using the Internet, transforming an organological form as a break point, becoming a possibility.

The emergence of the campus network was rapidly popular in major colleges and universities in China, and the number of users smashed, and Tencent forced to make friends network.

The reason why the campus network can impress users, essentially transformed a classmate relationship, and users can easily browse real-name classmates, establish and maintain new students' relationships.

Of course, I lost this core positioning after I came to the school network to change the Nancer net, and I gradually hired. In the case of this play, there are several years, and the social product of the transformation of colleagues - the veins.

The structure of social products in the Internet age will eventually be broken, but it didn't expect that this era is so fast.

In 2011, the first year of the mobile Internet. This year, the first true mobile social product was born - WeChat. The progress, development of science and technology has changed the way of communication.

This means that a new interaction form, deeper demand is released, satisfied, and the new social product form is born. WeChat shakes, see the nearby people become the label of that era, and people who do their home are Tang Yan, and this product is Mo Mo.

Mo Mo grabbed the opportunity to change the interaction form of the mobile era, essentially the opportunity to grasp the progress of technology productivity, grow rapidly, and successfully listed. The current AI era, the future 5G era, there will be more opportunities in interactive forms.

From time to time we can clearly see that social behavior has never changed, promoting the progress of society, development, we tried to explain this in the form of information, relational chain, interactive three elements.

The development of science and technology promotes the re-organizational relationship, and the new organization of form precipitation information has become a new community, establish a new relationship chain, and new interactions have achieved new social products.

Second, evolution
+ Self-evolution of social, social products, socialization of other types of products into a trend. For example, our common Alipay is a payment tool. After it evolved from a payment tool to a financial platform, it has tried social directions.

Of course, failure case - Campus Diary, Success Story - Ant Forest.

The campus diary is really improving to the product, but this improvement is the resentment of the user, spit.


Alipay is a financial instrument represented by a safe, determined, stable, and the campus diary is full of uncertainties, which is back to the location attributes of the product itself.

Ants forests, representatives are pragmatic, public welfare, such social forms in line with Alipay's product properties.

The antwood is watering, collecting, and a tree, gradually become a habit of the user, and a habit of opening the Bao Toy every day. Of course, the headline is trying to social directions and the ant forest of Alipay, this is the same.

Products evolve into Super App, except for the in-depth development of business capabilities, the evolution of + social product morphology into a choice.

+ Technology, technology iterative update, influence, change people's interactive way, some evolution becomes a basic ability, some evolution becomes a new social approach.

For example, live broadcast, network speed improvement, the popularity of smartphones evolve lives in this product form. Early live broadcast is the form of units, and gradually evolves into a basic capability, enabling other products, evolving into a multi-live world.

Similarly, the AI will also, the future AI will be used as a basic ability, encompassed to different industries, and the current end algorithm is widely used, and the data will become core competitiveness.

The mobile era has born WeChat, and a new social product will be born in the future.

Diversified, community products, more possibilities will occur in the future. For example, small red books, early morphology and beauty said, through female beauty, wearing a community, e-commerce achievement, this kind of dimension competition, essentially no advantage.

Unlike the beautiful side retenders, the small red book products gradually focus on the direction of the community, expand the information dimension, expand the overseas shopping content to colorful life content; expand the role dimension, add male roles on the basis of female roles, these actually completed It is a kind of promotion operation, eventually enhanced by an overseas shopping to share the community into a lifestyle.

The same is true of this mission, and it is said that it is a second-hand trading platform. It is better to say that it is a second-hand good object to exchange communities. The era of material life and the rise of life, and the idle fish community has never ever.

Third, the future
Recently, the US group updated version, except for brand color unity, found that the sector did update.

After the public comment, the value of this point has not been effectively played, and the recent discovery of the sector is updated, extracts the user's reviews, integrates, and the original business-oriented comment, adjustment to people Unit life content.

And the content itself originated from merchants, reflow merchants, which is an evolution of the service trading platform to the community shape, and this type of evolution will become a normal state.

What is the future? It is a cool VR virtual world that is displayed in the number player of Spielberg, or the three body in our surroundings are the intelligent world of operable screen, if the world has evolved to the same picture, we What will be the product? What can we do?

All things may change, the only constant is human nature, people are social subjects, understand what is the existence, group, greed, vanity, lazy ... can understand the future social importation.

All products are in essence, and now the product does not speak, and the cold ice is placed there. It needs to enter the instruction, then feedback the results.

Future products will gradually evolve into people's roles, because people and people communicate are the most natural, future interaction methods will become the most natural, most unhappy way, future manufacturers will evolve into service providers.

Find the crowd you want to serve in advance, provide long-term, determined service value, perhaps the point we can do.

In the future, the world is no longer that world, and you are still you.


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