Though not as popular as double 11, double 12 but just past consumption momentum is still strong. Miss Sun from Xian to drive at the end of the double 12, bought mouthwash and dentifrice condensation pet dog little angel of their own home, another little angel returned to pick up winter clothes, a sweater, but 69, 88 a the coat prices, letting Miss Sun has yet to key points down payment.

Miss Sun to catch and consume the same as their own, Mao Haizi during a big promotion that many people, and this is what the pet market, a hot performance. Whether it is necessary to cat food dog food, or to ensure the health and safety of pet medical, nursing, and even improve the quality of life of pet toys, cat litter kennel all become local pet owners who need to spend money.

First, the pet economy surfaced
Different from suddenly hot, fiery other outlet pet economy is a long process, until surfaced time, has become a monster.

In 1980, the state authorities issued the Notice on control and eradication of rabies, which provides county-level cities above other regional ban dog; Twenty years later, cities will gradually ban on raising into limited support, gradually the number of pets rise, gradually led to the development of the pet industry.

It took another two decades, many family pets have become an integral member of many pets as their own son or daughter. According to Ai Media Consulting data released this year shows that China will keep the pet population as a child's pet population has 20.70%, 12.78% of people think that there is a pet is their loved ones, there are 21.59% of people think that pets are their friends.

It is precisely because the pet position in people's daily lives more and more, which laid the foundation for the increasingly hot pet economy. And in recent years, there are other factors also ensure the pet economy continues to improve.

The first is the continuing ferment lonely economy. People always difficult to get along with their loneliness, despite living in a low-cost social community, all kinds of social software are endless, but contemporary people still inevitably often fall into loneliness, but the epidemic is further catalytic this loneliness.

So in order to alleviate the loneliness, some people choose to indulge in the social network, while others prefer to keep as a pet to accompany the daily life. After all, life is a living, working overtime every night can bring more or less comfort.

Followed by changes in the concept of mainstream consumers. According to Ai Media Consulting provides data shows that today's pet care showing a younger crowd features, 80, 90, respectively, accounting for population reached 46.3%, 20.3%. But young people also carry the main force of the current consumption of the banner, they are more willing to invest in a lot of their favorite things.

The importance of these pets for pet care of young people living in the self-evident, for their own home, master to spend more money, although painful, but very willing.

Second, both from within the pet segment platform
It is precisely because of these reasons, your pet companionship in everyday life, the release of a huge market.

According to Ai Media Consulting data show that China's pet market size in 2019 has reached 221.2 billion yuan, is expected to reach 295.3 billion yuan in 2020, the annual compound growth rate of 20%. With the popularity of the concept of pets and pet industry mining extension services, China's pet market economic space will be further expanded.

Also, according to 2019 China pet industry white paper display, to keep the number in 2019 was 99.78 million Chinese family pet, per capita annual consumption of a single pet dogs is 6082 yuan per capita annual consumption of a single pet cat amount reached 4755 yuan. And accompanied by rising per capita income, the future of the money will be spent on pets more and more.

In other words, the current domestic pet market there is still huge room for imagination. This will naturally compete for attracting many new and old players. For example, just recently landed US stocks listed on the Porch pet has roots in twelve years, as well as pet food has been listed in the A-share stocks, shares in pet and Petty shares in the pet market.

Of course, there are bells pet, puppy home, pet doctor, pet, small pet wear, A smell, pet Amoy net, Meng and other small nest platforms are ups and downs in the track. But these domestic pets platform, both focus on a particular area of a subdivision, which also allowed under pressure from home and abroad.

Let's look at overseas markets. For example, the American Pet electricity supplier brand Chewy, since listing its stock has been steadily rising, performance is also very good, now let the market capitalization of more than $ 32 billion, or about 210 billion yuan or more. But in the pet market value of the shares now only around 11 billion yuan, Patti shares only hovering around 5.4 billion yuan.

In the domestic market, such as integrated electronic business platform Taobao, Jingdong, the US group, etc., for these pets segments in terms of platform also need to cross the mountains.

Because of abundant and platforms effects of types of goods, more consumers are willing to buy pet supplies comprehensive business platform. For example, in the pet market share, the top three are Taobao, Jingdong and Wavelet pets.

Third, the pet segment is really a dead end?
It is also because of this pressure inside and outside, feel the outside world in the domestic market, the story of the pet economy in vertical platform simply does not make sense. But pet perpendicular to the road that leads to nowhere really do? The answer is naturally negative.

Pet Unlike other commodities, has its own unique attributes. For the consumer, may only be a cat in the window display of goods prior to payment, but after payment, pet product attributes will be extremely diluted, on the identity of the cat turned into fresh life and companionship.

And it is this unique attribute, pet areas of different segments to create the conditions, but also to become the main segments of the Choice of many platforms.

First, consumers need to be more professional products and services. To take care of a fresh life, different from the natural to take care of toys, clothes as simple, daily diet, the health of cats and dogs and both are aspects of the need to focus attention. And as well as rising consumer pet status younger, pet care are more willing to choose a professional pet services and products.

Deep plowing in long segments of the brand, they will have the advantage in their respective fields, and consumers fancy is these advantages.

Secondly, the pet needs is gradually refined. Moment when the consumer is pet consumption, it is no longer just satisfied just to be, but toward the top of Maslow's pyramid forward.

According to Taobao released this year's double 12 pet cold knowledge economy can see that today's consumers in addition to satisfying basic physiological needs outside pet, pet how to better meet the spiritual needs become more subtle new consumer focus. Toys, blankets, clothing, decoration and other aspects demonstrated great consumption potential, and even pet training courses are fiery accident.

Finally, a chance to stage field segments. Compared to overseas markets, China's pet market, although growing rapidly, but is still in the development stage. Consumers consumer attitudes pet training and need to be further improved. And at this stage in culture, there are many advantages in the field of subdivision platform, but also better able to attract consumers.

Fourth, a better future need to continue to deepen
As for the pet market in different platforms, the various segments of deep plowing is not an end, but also focus on segments is only a necessary requirement stage. Looking more long-term stage, comprehensive and professional platform, is the market need.

This also requires a different platform within the track, more questions need to be addressed in order to move forward to a better future.

First, the need to respond to changes in consumer demand. For consumers, consumer demand increasingly refined at the same time, also requiring the platform needs to provide more diverse services. It also requires each platform, after satisfying consumer demand on the professional level, but also need to expand further consolidate more services to consumers.

Second, the platform also need to accelerate the standardization of the industry. Different from those bad replaceable commodity, pets are fresh life, which requires more standardized throughout the industry, professional, in order to guarantee the basic life pet safety is guaranteed.

And in this stage of the pet market, the phenomenon of cohabitation is still difficult to stop. There are unscrupulous businessmen in the field of food adulteration in feed cat food dog food; toys field there are unscrupulous businesses selling low-quality toys, so that the owner and pet are deeply hurt; but more important still in the medical field, even some black veterinarian shop health and safety are difficult to guarantee, let alone the level of their medical.

This platform we need within the industry to continue to deepen their operational capacity, and sustained release of better technology to the market, at the same time enhance their own ability, but also the entire industry more professional and norms. This also makes the entire domestic pets economy to the next level, releasing more energy.


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