Since 2014, the market has appeared a period of sports, and the Internet is a more advantageous line of the Times online, which is more advantageous than the traditional dating field. With the feature of the past, this model gradually reveals weak. situation.

At present, the company is interested in involving sports O2O-related business. As a business, a UI designer is the competitive analysis of this, which is the upper level of the company to understand the market. The second status of the market is also designed. The page research function is better than the product optimization itself.

This analysis mainly selected fun, Leqi Football, Guard Alliance for competing analysis, these three products have a certain share of sports O2O, but there have been many problems with mainstream products, so the author is in the process of analysis. It may be a certain degree of focusing on the problem, and it is primarily aimed at the study of core functional logic and visual layer (not in place of other parts of the analysis is the excuse in the product sector), laying the foundation for the business to be involved. .
According to the data of Ai Rui, I know that my country's average of the sport industry and the global average is large, facing the problem of single and imbalanced development. Overall, as of 2014, my country's sports industry was in the early stages of industrialization, and the level of marketization in the core industry and other core industries, only 21% of the total sports value, far below 58% of the same level of the United States. The reactions of this data is that our long-term internal structure is unreasonable in the sports industry. In this large environment, the public's concerns and consumption low frequency, teenagers regard sports more as entertainment projects. Non-rigid demand, people's consumption's single substance industry has developed faster, and most consumer structures are consumables. Summary to see the low-level consumption method of sports output value, the understanding is low, and the consolidation is not the main cause of consumption.
In response to the problem of changing structure imbalance, the Some Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industries in 2014 In 2025, the total scale of China's sports industry must strive to exceed 5 trillion yuan. This makes the sports industry will undoubtedly get a very strong driving force to blow a sports class O2O. Under the stimulation of policy, a large number of venue bookings have seen opportunities in 2014, and it is also officially started to enter the golden age of the order app.

2. Sports O2O Status
(1) Running

Compared with other O2O industries, the sports industry is focused in the line, the most important resources lies in the venue, and the successful activities will be expanded on this basis. But reality my country's sports venues are not much. At the same time, the sports venue is very high. If you want to recover cost, you must take time and facilities. From this level, the venue is welcome to spare sports O2O help sales of spare time and venue. However, if the venue is full of load, there are a lot of hidden dangers on the venue. So many companies focus on the establishment of a stable connection with the online venues.

(2) Industry irregularity

At present, there is no unified certification specification in the industry. If it is the products and services provided by third parties, the quality of its products and services is not controllable. The level of coaches and the level of the students are unable to describe. This may face the risk of user experience.

(3) Product function single easy user loss

Sports O2O-class products are not high, only when users will open when the product is demand, and the support function is mostly surrounded, and when the user is completed, the user is closed. App, In the past, if the product did not carefully pondered the most basic users lost a new stranger, it would be lost, which caused the product to fall into a single and insufficient dilemma.

(4) Division after the wave

In recent years, the O2O products of the entrepreneurs that have been invested in the cold in the winter have ushered in the wave of demise, and the ordering products are not reliable by many industry insiders. The product survival is struggling to build a suitable forces in adversity. Your own profit model.

3. Selection of competitions
By finishing the current sports class APPs now, several categories:

Online site predetermined class
Vertical e-commerce equipment service class
Video media class
Social class
Appointment coach class
Event player data management
Offline unofficial amateur league
Peripheral IP
Intelligent auxiliary class
The author chooses more about the mainlines of the mainline to analyze: fun, Leqi Football, Guild War Alliance. They have certain features: interesting is the most traffic in the schema app, Leqi Football is a batch of starting to do the scheduled service, the Guild War Alliance is characteristic of some of the self-owned venue products.

III. User analysis
1. Types of consumption users
(1) User classification

Here, the author hies the role that will appear on the product, about three categories:

Consumer users: This includes general mainstream users, senior team leaders;
Service user: This may include coaches, referers, team doctors, etc.
Cooperative users: commodity partners, such as a strategic cooperation, etc. (This should not be counted in the user classification, do not disclose it)
These ages (except for partnership) expects the age of 18-40, some users will be white-collar or leadership, consumption is strong, high purchasing power, pay attention to life quality, some may be a teenage group They are relatively low, but the demand in the fortune and motion is high, macro looks to all the masses in the back of the form of the format and will have a certain steady user group support.

(2) Classification of user needs

I divide some people who may generate the demand of the formation into three categories:

a sports fan:

Rookie: Collecting knowledge begins to enter the substantive exercise stage, requires product attraction to drive initial consumption;
Master: longer exercise time, fixed sports and sports locations, relatively stable sports groups or partners, in the quality of products;
Senior: It is more powerful than the master, and may have a professor and the ability of the team leader.
Urban white-collar workers: In the Sian Health Times, the sports exercise has become a social culture. For leisure and entertainment that can be resting in the holiday, you can also exercise

Company Leader: As a project, social project

In response to the demand classification of summary, it can establish the positioning and focus of its own products, and the later periods can be derived from many strategies on operations and products, such as the joint promotion activities related to leadership group design, and carry out sports advanced in the enthusiast group. Take the reward, and so on.

(3) Product positioning

Funity: Provide online ordering services for sports people, spread sports life concept through social elements.
Leqi Movement: The problem of playing football enthusiasts to solve their troublesome troubles.
Guard Alliance: Committed to creating a union of urban football ecology that is truly citizens, and builds high-standard football brand events to cultivate excellent football talents.


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