Over the years of e-commerce platform APP development experience, making me with my team to touch the function of the flourish online and a variety of business models. Almost everyone is a business design of the top floor with a profit. Some of them are clean, and there are some gray. But there is no doubt that so far, these people have not succeeded in the field of e-commerce, even a little success. These people are probably divided into three types:

Some people do shopping guide: use the API interface provided by the e-commerce platform of Taobao, Jingdong and other major places to do rebate.
Some people do distribution: use the difference to distribute the goods to different levels, bring interests to members, allow members to broaden traffic for the platform.
Some people do model: wonderful group logic, 10 people in the group winning, winning people get goods, people who don't win, get red envelopes. There are also auctions, bidding auctions, and finally one-person merchandise, and the rest of the participants have received trading fees in the bidding process.
Let me say the first one - Shopping, clean is clean, but more and more rebate software online, let everyone almost no choice, basically all spell, who gives customers more, who is advantageous .

Furthermore, this function point is a criminal disease that deepens the monopoly behavior. It seems that the benefits will eventually control all the suppliers in their hands, and other companies who want to enter the e-commerce are far farther. If you have some of the supplies, you will be able to keep your own users on the platform of the API interface to the large factory. In invisible injuries will always be self, don't do it, and ultimately can only fall to the overalls of work for the factory. Personally think that the company really wants to do e-commerce, in fact, this approach to the large factory API is the most unsuitable.

The second type - Distribution, believes that many people will not be strange, micro-commercial, and the inquiry is usually used. Some people don't even have a hand of supply, only need to set the membership level and the corresponding level of consumer profits, so that everyone sells goods to the end user with a price higher than their own level. Many people are in the profit, but the ultimate injury is also this batch. The so-called report, that is, to participate in this game. Or a monthly card, year card and other behaviors. There is not much hierarchy, and it is recommended that the fission ability is weak. There are many hierarchies, and illegally, it will also enlarge the value of the product itself. The only profitable way to make this approach is to enlarge the product value, but a product that is far from the value of the product, is it really actual purchase?

The third kind - Mode, no matter how novel mode is, the wool is on the sheep, the deeper the pattern, the deeper the routine, the higher the cost of wool. These merchants use human nature, more is to deflect people's gambling psychology and fuff dreams. 10 people's pointer mode, it is 1 person to pay, 9 people make money, and in addition to other participating 9 people, the platform will also make money, and the cost of purchasing goods in invisible increases.

The auction auction is simply a typical mutual help game, and the drums are blooming, and they are passing to who.

The above two models are represented, and those who bought goods have no mood, completely departing from the pleasure theory of spending to people.

First, review history

Before the 1980s, business is diligent. Chicken is lifted with sugar, walking the streets. The main embodiment of the profit is the payment of physical labor in unease of transportation. At this time, labor is a forward curve that is the only profit return rate.

In the 1980s, the seafarer, in addition to the diligence, there is information asymmetrical. At this time, because some coastal cities gave a priority to the reform and opening up. Many products and objects have only a few regions, and the unspective of resources has led to everyone in the north and south, and obtain sales profits through information asymmetry and physical handling.

This kind of information asymmetry in the 1990s has been equalized, almost the source of goods is not secret, everyone can only carry out price wars, evil competition makes this continuous decline in sales in this 10 years, the market economy is still a piece Good, personal feelings are real estate supported half a day, and the other half of the stock market. That is, in the 1990s, there is no development in the sales field, even in reverse.

In 2000, the Internet was first year, Taobao plagiarized EBAY, brought a different shopping experience to the Chinese. In particular, the rapid development of the logistics industry has become the most effective combustion agent in this industry, so that the e-commerce rocket is flying. The consumption model of the person to the store is completely rewritten. The store really is moving to the doorstep, so that the consumption mode has become a store.

The major platforms compete with each other and eventually survive several platforms:

Taobao = Play supplier, the typical southern small workshop enterprises have accommodated, gradually expanded to the big factory
Jingdong = Play logistics, build your own logistics business, cooperate with the direct store to start, let users enjoy the flying Internet rhythm
Total spell = Play humanity, don't want to do any comments
2020, 10 years of net red, maybe late, this should be born in 2010, but it began to rise in 2020, giving Internet e-commerce a sufficient accumulation time. Because the development of technology has been bothered, whether it is based on the construction, it is still technically change.

Live broadcast, shake belt, invisible, has become a new round of e-commerce style.

In 2021, the epidemic has changed, and many people have changed their views and attitudes, some people have quietly looking for the next 10 years of new wind.

Second, community e-commerce

At the beginning of the epidemic, the closed management of the community and the self-operation capacity of the community fully got a wide range of users, and the community convenience store was approved. I have also done similar ideas during the Spring Festival in the Spring Festival, and I created a community e-commerce noun. It is similar to the current community e-commerce. The general idea is also a point of community units. A threshold setting scheme with a dotted circle.

First, solve the pain points of handmade bookkeeping and commodity consultation and commodity consultation in the supermarket, and resolve the traditional supermarket convenience store and pay the problem of payment and payment, and the product picture and text description will reduce the consultation of supermarket convenience stores. Simply grade the e-commerce platform to do every physical business super boss can accept cost prices, such as 100 yuan / month's monthly form. At the same time, integrate the resources such as the micro-commerce and other resources to provide supplies for commercial super bosses.

I will provide this idea and program to a customer that I am serving. At that time, I was doing an e-commerce platform in a group. Although the epidemic affected a lot of industries, it did not affect the network at home. Me.

It may be that I have not described the model of the essence, or the customer can only try her group model. In the end, this idea did not get a real landing. I consciously, I shared this community's idea to many people, they may remember social e-commerce. This is not a concept, I am not willing to do any arguments with these people, and quarrel with the fool, always just a fool.

China has a 30-year River East, 30 Years, in the Internet era, may be 10 years of River East, 10 years. If there is only one river, then it is definitely the regular rotation of Herong Hedi.

E-commerce can move profits to Hedong 10 years ago, and it is impossible to move back to Hexi after 10 years. What I said is the Internet e-commerce model, and the physical store will die through major Internet e-commerce platforms. Hexi can understand the traditional physical business, at any time, the Internet business philosophy is deeply rooted, one day, the physical business super, with the Internet, use the overcome platform, and moved the Dongfeng to Hexi again. I think it will definitely be realized. First, Internet tools have been recognized, and the physical store is getting rid of the platform. This will be the fact that it is not arbitrarily.

But this entity will not still have the convenience store, may be unknown, it is possible to be the online property company, because they have mastered the precise information of a community user. It is also possible that there is a line of offline shops that are cut in in a certain industry, such as laundry rooms, such as rookie stations, such as a brand hot pot chain supermarket. The accumulation of people is the key to this war. Serving your customers, maintaining him and uses Internet means horizontally and portrait development business, this point is not possible.

At the same time, I am also very glad that I have not put all the experiences into the community e-commerce. From November 2020, a large group of community e-commerce monopoly APPs were born, including large groups such as the United States. They are monopolized from the upper stream, and the crush-based price war may put weakly in the five bodies.

Third, VR belt

Virtual reality technology may still be sci-fi, but he does have developed to become more and more close to life, and some applications have been popular in the laboratory. With the future 5G, the progress of hardware equipment, VR Technology will definitely be a tone, but now people are affected by the wind speed developed rapidly in the Internet, and many VR companies may not reach the day. Currently, the video belts that the fire should be not necessarily excessive in the ultimate in VR belt.

With the development of neural network technology, people not only change their face, renovation type, etc., but also introduce people to the enthusiasm of travel? Online replacement, after satisfaction, can you spend more traffic for the barber shop? Dress dress, automatically match the body and size, 360 degree panorama trial, and can change people's enthusiasm for people's consumption. It can be said that VR belt is a technology continuation of live band. There will be a group of people to lead e-commerce in the future.

Four, word of mouth sharing

The shared economy represented by Xiaohong Books as one of the nasal ancestors of this industry. The success of Xiaohong Book proves that integration of social and consumption is a fully feasible solution. Micro business is facing transformation, and the direction of transformation will certainly be a word-of-mouth sharing. This noun is my homemade. If you want to give him a tall name, maybe social e-commerce is more appropriate. This concept is not original, but people have a variety of social e-commerce understandings, and the e-commerce consumption model produced in social e-commerce, and use social integration to drive consumption, this is essentially. But how to close the two together, I think word of mouth and sharing is the key. So I interpret social e-commerce should be reputation + sharing.

How to do word of mouth + sharing. Available in WeChat social software, microblogging social software, people have more and more is used to show off, and micro business has promoted the hot social platform, and they also accelerated the death of WeChat's old social software. At present, people use WeChat Can you do it? Instant messaging + payment, this is simply weaken the positioning of social. I will not introduce what is Xiao Hong book, what is planting grass, what is Amway. But the sharing economy of this word of mouth is indeed worthy of our deep excavation.

First of all, people have already questioned micro-commercial, this is an intuitive manifestation of today's credit crisis. Circuit advertising for major platform advertisers has also been numb. Think about the past experience, is it a hot sale to a list of search places, and I'm trying to be a routine advertisement after I arrive.

The acquaintance circles may be the trust in the return of socialization. Imagine people who really know in your life share a photo of life, don't you want to ask him where to travel, you will be more cheaper through any tour group. After all, as an acquaintance, he is still an experienced person, is it suggesting that it will not guide himself? For example, if you share a delicious restaurant, you also like this style or taste, you will also want to consult how you can get this food. Sharing is happy, the acquaintances around you are also happy to share our own beauty.

So we want to develop a system to help everyone solve the small problems that are often encountered in this life.

Subsection from the food into the fruit field as a test error, share your own beautiful life circle, including but not limited to WeChat, shake, etc., friends can link to the corresponding item by seeing sharing content. Introduce and purchase channels, this is simply unlikely. That is, I solved the problem of sharing people recommended shops, goods, etc., and also solved the problems with people with common needs.

Sharing can be a video short film, can be a few pictures, can be some of the author's text description, the main body seen after others is still sharing, and finally there is a link address, you can open the game to the corresponding item Introduction, this does not affect the suspicion of individuals who do micro-business, because we are sharing life. At the same time, while sharing life, this word-of-mouth sharing platform provides a convenient shopping link. The focus is still life, but retains consumption behavior.

If you give this sharing link to distribution rewards, it will also attract many micro-business people's intervention, which can also bring practical economic rewards without affecting life. I don't know how people have this social platform so-called half-acquaintance social circles that are defined. After all, I don't know their product managers, and they don't see any clues from their product form, but I want to be true semi-cooked. Humanism should share the key to the word of mouth that I said, maybe it is the key to success.

Of course, the behavior of this word-of-mouth sharing has a more deeper threshold for writing or packaging content, not in the past, and can be sold. Of course, you want a question, if a person's writing is especially true, even if he is Amway, is it a wish.

Five, summary

The future of the e-commerce platform, can be predicted to be divided into 3 mainstreams:

The policy direction of regression of the entity industry will advance the construction and development of community e-commerce
The breakthrough of technical bottleneck will make VR belt become possible
The Internet trust crisis will bring huge traffic to social e-commerce



  1. Users start to browse products, need to have a commodity module to support, show users introduction, prices, and so on.

Shopping Cart

    1. Users add selected items to the shopping cart, this step, also requires a shopping cart module to maintain the goods in the user's shopping cart.


The user will definitely need a order module to create this new order. After the order is created, you need to remove the items in the order from the shopping cart.


    1. After the order is created, you need to boot user payment, which is to initiate payment processes. You need to have a payment module to implement payment function. After the user has successfully completed the payment, it is necessary to change the status of the order to "Payment".


      1. After that, the operator can ship, in the system, shipping this step, you need to deduct the number of inventories of the corresponding item, this function requires the inventory module to implement, after delivery is completed, you need to change the order status to " goods".

    Commodity classification

    There are a variety of goods, so it is necessary to establish


    Formulate promotion rules and calculate promotion discounts.


    Develop user information to promote maintenance of the system

    Search recommendations

    Responsible for the organization and display of search products, various list pages and promotion pages in the mall.


    Realize the functions of statistics and analysis, generate reports and give them to the boss for business analysis and decision-making.

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